The Creed of ‘The Denver Outsider’

What is the role of an outsider? What value can an outsider bring to a conversation in which those participating have so much invested?

A true outsider is an observer of life and true observation requires a distance from the subject to achieve.

The saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees” implies the speaker is blinded to the big picture due to the smaller details. It implies the speaker is within the forest looking at the few surrounding trees, unable to see the full expanse of the forest.

To see the forest, we must see it from the outside.

The value of the outsider is the ability to provide perspective and emotional detachment. To be able to think clearly about the world and deliver thoughts not clouded by political, ideological, personal, or religious dogma.

Truly free thinking. The most dangerous concept in the world and the basis for real philosophy.

In the modern discussion, it is hard to find people who do not escalate into primal fighting instincts brought about by prejudice when discussing topics they are invested in.

Emotional reactions to ideas are natural, but they are inherently detrimental to the nature of discussion.

Therefore we posit that a discussion outside of the bounds of emotion is an invaluable resource to the modern world. This is what The Denver Outsider seeks to provide.

We will talk about sensitive topics with blunt realism. We encourage dissent if it is a considered approach. We discourage “Reactionary Responses”.

We will not be publishing our authors’ names, creed, political affiliation, religious beliefs, or other identifying information for the belief that these boxes will frame the ideas presented here with unnecessary baggage we are interested in avoiding.

All authors will be credited as The Denver Outsider.

We welcome free thinkers, independents, and conscientious humans. It is time to make a space for honest discussion.

– The Denver Outsider

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